Houston Injury Attorney To Speak on DOT Regulations

truck accident attorneysThe Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America (APITLA) is a national organization dedicated to advancing commercial motor vehicle safety.  Houston personal injury lawyer Gene S. Hagood is a member of APITLA and is on the Advisory Board for the Organization.

APITLA will host a National Interstate Trucking Conference May 15-17, 2015.  Attorney Hagood will speak at the conference, focusing on the subject of important regulations established by the Department of Transportation.

Personal Injury Lawyer Gene S. Hagood Will Speak on Important DOT Regulations

DOT regulations apply to commercial truck drivers in Houston, Galveston, and throughout Texas and the rest of the United States.  These regulations are intended to establish uniform standards for the safety of commercial motor vehicles in order to provide important protections for the public.

Staying informed on DOT regulations is essential for truckers and trucking companies to ensure compliance and reduce collision risks. Victims of truck accidents and their attorneys also need to be aware of DOT regulations. If a driver or a trucking company has violated any rules and regulations promulgated to ensure safety on the roads, this can create a presumption of negligence in the event that a motor vehicle collision occurs because of the regulatory violation.

Every DOT regulation is important, and Mr. Hagood will discuss some of these essential regulations at the APILTA conference in May. His presentation will be focused on Part 396 Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Commercial Motor Vehicles.

According to Part 396.1, every motor carrier is expected to comply with all requirements set forth in Part 396, which imposes rules for when and how commercial motor vehicles must be inspected.  Not only are motor carriers responsible for knowing of the rules and following them, but so are company officers, agents, drivers, representatives, and employees of the trucking company that have any responsibility concerning the inspection and/or maintenance of commercial motor vehicles.  Part 396.1(b) also makes clear that internal equipment providers, as well as their representatives, employees, officers and agents are also expected to know and to comply with the rules.

Part 396.3 lists a variety of general requirements for inspection, repair and maintenance, including a mandate that every motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider is obliged to "systematically inspect, repair, and maintain" equipment that is under their control. Providers can satisfy this requirement either by doing the systematic inspections, repairs and maintenance work themselves or by causing them to be done.  This part of the FMCSA rules also establishes regular inspection schedules for parts and accessories; emergency doors and push out windows and provides information on the type of records that must be kept.

This is just the start of the requirements imposed by Part 396.  Mr. Hagood will be conducting a comprehensive and informative presentation on this important subject at the APITLA event this May.

The conference is for plaintiff's lawyers who can register at APITLA's website.

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