Impaired Driving Prevention Month to Help Prevent Houston DUI Collisions

Texas auto accident attorneyPreventing impaired driving is important all the time, but especially around the holidays where there is a greater risk of death due to collisions involving drunk drivers. In Houston, Galveston, Alvin and surrounding areas, many people enjoy holiday parties and celebrations. But some motorists imbibe too much and end up putting themselves and others at serious risk of injury or death. An experienced personal injury lawyer knows these types of public education efforts help stop this type of behavior over the holidays.

To remind the public of the tremendous risks associated with impaired driving, December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month.

Preventing Drunk Driving Crashes Over the Holidays

President Barack Obama created National Impaired Driving Month in 2010. Prior to this time, December was National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention month. President Ronald Reagan had established designation for this month back in 1982. The 2010 change was made in an effort to bring more attention to the issue of distracted driving, as well as drunk and drugged driving.

December is a prime time to remind the public of the risks of intoxicated driving because a significant number of motor vehicle deaths caused by drunk drivers occur on holidays like Christmas and New Years. The goal of the month-long public education event is to alert people to these added risks and provide reminders about how to avoid drunk driving crashes.

Some of the information that is the focus of National Impaired Driving Month includes statistics showing how dangerous drunk driving is. For example, according to True Car:

  • Around 600,000 people in the United States suffer injuries or fatalities every single year as a result of involvement with impaired driving collisions.
  • Around three out of every 10 Americans faces the chance of being directly involved in a collision related to alcohol impairment over the course of their lives.
  • A total of 41 percent of annual motor vehicle collisions that happen within the United States involve a driver who has consumed too much alcohol.
  • Every 30 minutes in this country, someone loses his or her life in a motor vehicle crash that occurs as a result of alcohol.
  • Every two minutes in this country, someone suffers a non-fatal injury as a result of a drunk driving collision.
  • The cost of crashes involving drivers who have consumed too much alcohol totals in excess of $51 billion every single year.

Drivers can do their part in preventing these expensive and often deadly collisions. Drivers are urged to ensure they have a designated driver before they begin to consume alcohol when they are celebrating the holidays as well as at any other time during the year.

Those who host holiday parties can also make a difference. Party hosts should make sure they have non-alcoholic beverages available for designated drivers. They should stop serving alcohol an hour or so before people are going to be heading out, and they should have a plan in place for what to do in case any of the guests drink too much.

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