Truck Accident Prevention Comes Down to Safely Sharing the Road

truck accident attorneysAmerican Trucking Association has launched a new instructional video aimed at reducing truck accidents. The video focuses on the importance of sharing the road in a safe way so the chances of collisions is reduced. The instructions provided help motorists who are not in trucks to avoid behaviors which could cause collisions to occur. It is the responsibility of both other motorists and truck drivers to prevent collisions. Unfortunately, no matter how careful other motorists are, dangerous behavior on the part of a trucker could result in a deadly accident.

Share the Road Instructional Video Aims to Reduce Truck Accidents

The Share the Road Instructional Video is going to be shown in driver's education courses throughout the United States. It was prepared with input by truckers from across the country who have training and experience and who want to share their important safety tips. It focuses on both truck blind spots as well as on some of the dangerous behaviors drivers do behind the wheel, such as texting, eating, drinking, and watching videos.

The video informs motorists about the fact trucks have four blind spots, and it provides motion graphics and video footage from different angles inside of the cab of a truck in order to show drivers the experience truckers have while on the roads. The free online video covers:

  • How to recognize blind spots. There are blind spots on all four sides of a tractor trailer. Motorists are encouraged to remember truckers typically cannot see them if they cannot see the truck driver's face.
  • The importance of wearing seat belts. The video stresses the importance of buckling up both in the front and the back seat of vehicles.
  • The safety benefits of reducing speed. If a driver is going faster than surrounding traffic, the chances the motorist will be involved in a collision triple.
  • The added risks of driving in work zones. Construction zones on the road are especially common in spring, summer, and fall.
  • The need to keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you are traveling 60 miles per hour, you will cover 500 feet in a period of six seconds. This is about the time it takes to text a simple word like "OK."
  • The importance of maintaining a safe following distance. if a driver is traveling behind a truck, the driver often cannot see changes in traffic flow patterns and thus does not react in time to stop when necessary or to avoid debris on the roadway.
  • The importance of never cutting in front of large trucks. Trucks take a long time to stop due to their weight and momentum.
  • The need to prepare a vehicle before a long trip. Motorists should have their cooling system and vehicle radiator serviced regularly and should check fluid levels and windshield wipers before embarking on a long car trip.
  • The benefits of leaving early. If you are not rushed to arrive at your destination, you can avoid risks.

These tips can hopefully help to reduce truck accident risks for motorists.

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