Can Truck Safety Technology Really Prevent Accidents In Houston?

Texas truck accident attorneyWe’ve all read stories about drivers who are overworked, exhausted and end up causing a preventable and life-altering accident. However, in the last few years, some key legislation has revolutionized the trucking industry.  

Truck drivers now have limits on the number of hours they can drive. There is more emphasis on mandated breaks and ensuring that drivers get adequate sleep. In short, more consideration has been given to public safety. 

Revolutionizing the trucking industry

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), safe driving technology has at last found its way into some large commercial trucks. Like the standard safety features found in most new passenger cars, many trucks now come equipped with collision mitigation systems. Using a combination of radar and cameras, these systems are making large strides in ensuring truck drivers are safer on the road. 

However, while this technology is a welcomed advancement in the industry, no amount of technology can replace a skilled and well-trained driver. In the NSC, a reporter with the organization took a ride on a big rig driven by Fred Andersky. Andersky demonstrated how effective these collision mitigation systems can be. However, as a driver himself he knows that there is more to safe driving than new technology.  “Safe driving practices, comprehensive driver training and safe and alert drivers are still important in delivering the full safety equation,” Andersky said. 

It is estimated that this technology could prevent as many as 63,000 collisions annually. This is wonderful news, not just for the industry, but for anyone who shares the road with large, commercial trucks.  

What does this mean for crash victims?

Safe driving technology is a wonderful addition to the industry, but it is not one we can take for granted. Technology won’t make up for a lack of decent sleep. Nor will it make up for distracted or inebriated driving while a truck driver is on the road. Regardless of the new safety features, truck drivers must remain alert while on the road.  

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