Why You Need to Watch Out for Motorcycles in Houston

motorcycle accident attorneysThe month of May is designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time when anyone using the road should use extra caution to keep bikers safe. But as we move into the summer, it's important not to forget that motorcycles are everywhere.

If you're driving on any of the Houston roads or highways any time of year, remember to watch out for motorcycles. Check your mirrors when changing lanes. Check your blind spots. Look carefully when making a left-hand turn.

As an accident attorney in Houston, Gene Hagood knows first-hand about the grave consequences of motorcycle crashes. Someone on a motorcycle lacks overall crash protection. If a car or truck collides with the smaller two-wheeled vehicle, the rider may get thrown from the bike. The motorcyclist may end up with a serious brain injury or may not survive the crash. Often in these types of accidents, people in the car walk away without a scratch.

Motorcycle Accidents Often Lead to Serious Injuries

The government cites studies that reveal those on motorcycles are 300 percent more likely to get injured in a crash than the people who are riding in a car involved in the accident.

Motorcyclists not only have to face the increased risk of getting seriously hurt or killed in an accident; they also must face bias from the public that the insurance companies may exploit. If, for example, you are hit by a car turning left while riding a motorcycle in an intersection, the insurance company may try to offer a low-ball settlement. You may know your case is worth more money, and you may know the crash wasn't your fault. But the insurance company knows juries might side with the at-fault driver. They know many people - including jurors - have a prejudice against motorcycle riders. So, they may offer an unreasonably low settlement. They figure, if you don't accept the offer, they might be willing to take their chances in front of a jury.

But a knowledgeable lawyer with a proven track record of success can make a significant difference. Attorney Gene Hagood, who has extensive trial experience, has worked hard to change stereotypes the public has about motorcyclists.

When Gene Hagood takes a case before a jury, he advocates strongly for his client. He knows how to show that motorcycle riders are good people with families, careers and hopes and dreams. Most riders understand and respect the rules of the road. They're attentive and careful. If they're in an accident, oftentimes it's because the driver of a car or truck was not paying attention or made a careless decision.

Gene Hagood brings facts and common sense to every case he handles. He's the kind of attorney you need if you were injured in a motorcycle accident or a loved one was injured or died.

With Gene Hagood at your side, you will send a powerful message to the insurance companies that you are serious about getting compensated for your losses. Insurance companies know the name Gene Hagood. He worked on a wrongful death case the produced one of the largest verdicts in Texas history: $281 million. When the insurance companies find out an injury victims is represented by Attorney Hagood, they know they can't play their usual games.

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