What to Do After a Commercial Trucking Accident in Houston

truck accident attorneysAfter a commercial trucking accident in Houston, there are several things you need to do at the crash scene and in the immediate aftermath. Taking the proper steps to protect your legal rights is essential to ensuring that you can successfully seek compensation for losses. Such compensation is available to victims who were harmed by a truck accident caused by driver or trucking company negligence, as well as to those harmed by truck or road defects. It is the victim's responsibility to make claims to pursue compensation.

What to Do After a Houston Commercial Trucking Accident

If you are hit by a truck while driving, walking, or riding your bike, the steps taken in the immediate aftermath of the collision can impact whether you are able to successfully make a claim.

Whenever possible, based on the extent of your injuries, you should:

  • Obtain the full contact information of the truck driver: You want to get his full name, a method of contacting him, his commercial license information, his insurance information, and the license plate number of the truck he was driving.
  • Obtain the contact details and information regarding the trucker's employer: Truckers are often employed by someone else, like trucking companies, landscape companies, delivery companies, or by the government if they drive garbage or dump trucks. You will need to find out who the trucker worked for, because you could potentially make a claim not just against the truck driver but also against his employer.
  • Contact law enforcement: Police can report to the scene of the commercial truck accident and make a determination on what investigation is appropriate. Law enforcement officers may want the truck driver to complete a toxicology test, if appropriate. Police will also write up an accident report and obtain all contact information which can be useful to you. The Houston Police Department provides information on its website about reporting accidents.  If the crash was an emergency, you can call 911. Once the police have prepared the accident report, you can also obtain it online.
  • Get witness names: You want to have the names of witnesses who saw the accident happen in case there is any conflict regarding how the crash occurred. Be sure you have the contact details for the witnesses who saw the crash occur.
  • Take pictures: You should take photographs of your car, the truck, the spot where the crash happened, the debris on the road, and anything else which could be relevant in showing the cause of the truck collision.

You should contact an experienced Houston injury lawyer as soon as possible. Your attorney can help you with the next phase of investigating the truck accident, and can assist you in dealing with all insurance companies involved in your claim. Your attorney can also file a civil case on your behalf and help you decide who to pursue a case against, as there may be multiple defendants.

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