An Aviation Accident Lawyer in Houston Who Victims Can Rely On

Every airplane crash or accident on board a plan is unique. But there are many common causes of aviation accidents. An experienced Houston aviation accident lawyer can work with accident victims throughout Texas to make sure their rights are protected. In case after case, the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood deliver results that cover the true cost of airplane accidents. Contact the firm today. Call (800) 632-9404.

Some of the most common causes of aviation accidents include:

Determining the causes of aviation accidents can be extremely complicated. Frustratingly, sometimes airline companies and insurance providers do everything they can to keep the facts from accident victims. Or even if these large corporations admit wrongdoing, they are often reluctant to fully compensate people for their injuries. Instead, insurance companies often try to pay injury victims as little as possible.

Contact an experienced Texas aviation accident lawyer - your case matters

Every aviation accident is unique. The Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood knows this and takes a unique approach toward every airplane accident claim. They don't dictate what the client should do. They listen to you. They find out exactly what happened. Then they work with you to come up with a strategy that addresses all your legal needs.

You might think you don't have to rush into hiring a Houston aviation accident lawyer to handle your case. You might think you have time to decide whether to take legal action. The reality is the sooner you contact us, the better your chances for winning your case. Memories fade. Evidence disappears. And by law, you only have a limited amount of time to file a lawsuit or take legal action. Once this time period known as the "statute of limitations" expires, you may not be able to obtain financial compensation for your airplane accident.

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