A Tired Pilot Poses a Threat to Passengers - Find Out How an Attorney Can Help

Regulations require commercial airline pilots to take mandatory breaks in between flights. Unfortunately, some pilots don't use that time off to get the rest they need to fly a large airplane. The result is some pilots fall asleep while flying an airplane. When these pilots sleep on the job, the chance of the plane being involved in a serious aviation accident skyrockets.

Such behavior is unacceptable. With a passion for protecting the rights of the injured, the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood works hard to help people get compensation and closure. The fatigued pilot was negligent, but the pilot's employer also may share responsibility. An aviation accident attorney in Houston can investigate the airline company to determine any liability and hold all negligent parties accountable.

It doesn't matter that falling asleep at the wheel while flying an airplane is one of the most common causes of aviation accidents. It's still wrong. Strong legal action must be taken. We can help you get answers. In some cases, the pilot may have been pressured by the airline company to work longer hours in violation of regulations.

You might think you don't need a lawyer if you're dealing with a tired pilot accident. It should be an open and shut case. Don't be so sure. Often, complications come up. You need to make sure you have someone on your side looking out for your best interests. You need someone who knows how to deal with insurance companies. You need someone who will fight for the compensation you need to cover the cost of your aviation accident injuries.

A Houston aviation accident attorney who works tirelessly for victims

Often, tired pilots will deny they fell asleep while flying the airplane. The company that employs the pilot typically will deny any responsibility. The Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood knows how to look for evidence to support the facts and determine liability. The pilot might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol as well. If that's the case, an attorney can vigorously search for evidence to build a strong impaired pilot case against the airline. Most likely, this was not the first time the pilot had a problem while flying a plane, and the airline management may have known.

An experienced aviation accident lawyer will find those reports and use that information to illustrate that the airline knowingly let a reckless pilot fly an airplane, even though that pilot posed a serious threat to everyone on board.

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