An Airplane Accident Attorney in Houston Who Pursues Desired Results

A Houston aviation accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood will work tirelessly to get airplane accident victims the compensation they deserve after a serious Houston aviation accident. Whether your accident occurred at George Bush Intercontinental Airport, William P. Hobby Airport or Ellington Airport, we can help. You can rely on a Houston personal injury lawyer with years of experience handling aviation accidents in the Houston area.

It's critical you have an experienced, knowledgeable aviation lawyer on your side. Often, you're going up against large, multinational corporations and their teams of tenacious lawyers. They don't intimate us. We're familiar with the common causes of aviation accidents.  We know what evidence to look for after an accident. And we know how to use that information to build a strong case.

We can also help your family if a loved one died in an aviation accident. Sometimes, such accidents are due to pilot error. We also examine the potential liability of the pilot's employer. Did the airline company hire an adequately trained pilot? Did the airline company conduct a proper examination of the pilot's health? Other times, poor airplane maintenance or defective parts play a role. Whatever the reason, we can help build a strong Houston wrongful death case for the fatal aviation accident.

Aviation accidents in Houston can be complicated. We can help. Contact us

The Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood is a law firm that focuses on getting clients compensation designed to cover the true cost of an accident. Too often, many people focus simply on their short-term needs, especially emergency medical expenses. But the truth is many accidents cost people much more many years later. There's future loss of income, physical therapy, additional operations, home modifications for people who sustain permanent disabilities. All of these expenses add up. At the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood, we take them into account when obtaining a settlement or verdict for a client.

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