Slip and Fall Accident Results in $1.7 Million Verdict. Attorney Hagood delivers

Houston slip and fall accident lawyer Gene S. Hagood of the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood, has a reputation for being a detail-oriented, results-driven lawyer who gets clients the compensation they rightfully deserve. A prime example is a $1.7 million verdict, including damages, that attorney Hagood earned for a Webb County, Texas, couple for a slip and fall accident that occurred in a Laredo, Texas movie theater. A Webb County jury voted to award the couple $1.7 million, including damages.

The accident occurred on March 12, 2011, in a Cinemark Movies 12 theater in Laredo, Texas. The person slipped on an unmarked hazard on the floor near the concession stand at the movie theater. The slip and fall resulted in a serious injury, which lead to the lawsuit. The injured person's spouse was also awarded damages as part of the $1.7 million verdict.

The jury ruled that Cinemark Movies 12 was 100 percent negligent and the unmarked hazard on the floor posed an "unreasonable risk of harm," according to court records. Such a verdict sends a clear, strong message to businesses throughout South Texas. If you fail to take steps to correct hazardous conditions, you could be held responsible for your actions if someone gets seriously hurt in a slip and fall accident.

$1.7 million verdict sends clear, strong message about slip and fall accidents

In the case of the Laredo slip and fall accident, the jury voted to award $750,000 for future pain and suffering; $500,000 for mental anguish in the future; $250,000 for physical pain the past; $150,000 for mental anguish in the past; $50,000 for loss of household services; $18,842 for reasonable expenses of necessary medical care in the past.

The jury's decision serves a vital purpose. By obtaining financial compensation, the injury victims can continue to live their lives without fear of going into bankruptcy or worrying about whether they can afford to pay their medical expenses and other bills associated with their injury.

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