Syngenta Lawsuit - Our Attorneys Can Help Farmers and Other Businesses That Have Been Financially Harmed

The Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood currently is reviewing potential Syngenta GMO corn seed lawsuits for farmers, investors and others who lost money because of Syngenta's conduct in marketing, distributing and selling unapproved genetically modified corn seed.

Our attorneys know farmers in Texas and across the country have lost billions of dollars as a result of the Swiss agricultural company's actions. Lawsuits allege Syngenta's genetically modified (GMO) corn contaminated the corn supply in the United States. Lawsuits already have been filed against Syngenta alleging that it misled farmers and investors into believing China would allow its Agrisure Viptera seed, also known as MIR 162, to be imported.

Syngenta Prematurely Marketed GMO Corn Seed

However, China in 2013 rejected corn shipments, saying the genetically modified (GMO) corn seed was "contaminated." China's move resulted in a glut of corn in the marketplace and depressed prices. Farmers and others lost billions of dollars through no fault of their own.  According to one lawsuit already filed, corn prices went from $7 a bushel in 2012 to $3.25 a bushel in October of 2014.

GMO corn seed includes DNA from other plants and sometimes even other animals. The process of modifying the corn seed is designed to eliminate the threat to the corn posed by pests that can destroy the crop. Lawsuits state that only a few farmers used Syngenta's product, but it got mixed in with the supply of corn being exported and countries that did not approve the use of GMO corn seed refused to accept the shipments.

China in December 2014 allowed Viptera seed to be imported, but the announcement does not change the fact that farmers and others were financially harmed in 2013 and 2014. That's why our highly skilled, results driven personal injury attorneys are continuing to provide free consultations for those who were affected.

While Syngenta has denied any wrongdoing, the company should not have sold GMO seed prior to being approved by China.

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