A Truck Accident Lawyer in Texas Can Stand Toe to Toe with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies want you to believe they have your best interests at heart if you've been injured in a truck accident. They want you think they are working as hard as they can to get you the money you rightfully deserve to help pay for medical expenses, lost income and other related costs.

The reality is often quite different. After serious truck accidents, insurance companies are often more focused on one thing: paying accident victims as little as possible. That's why it's critical you contact a truck accident lawyer before you talk to anyone who works for an insurance company after your accident.

In Galveston and Houston, truck accident victims can turn to a Texas truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood to help them get the money they rightfully deserve. In case after case, year after year, the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood delivers results that enable accident victims to continue to live their lives with dignity. They're familiar with the common causes of truck accidents. They can work with you and develop a strategy that addresses your specific legal needs.

A truck accident claim often involves multiple insurance companies. One insurance carrier might cover the cab, while another insurance carrier might cover the trailer. There may even be another insurance company covering the cargo. You will need a tough-minded accident lawyer in Texas to help cut through the red tape and pursue all the compensation you are entitled to receive.

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Serious truck accident injuries demand serious action. You might think you can resolve your claim on your own. But the truth is your accident might be even more complicated than the insurance company is leading you to believe. You have too much at stake. You need someone on your side who is specifically looking out for your best interests.

Our firm can investigate your truck accident to find out what really happened. Our legal team regularly reviews all relevant documentation, including accident reports, safety records and medical records. We identify and interview all witnesses. If needed, we consult with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists who can help us understand what caused the accident.

We build a strong case that insurance companies have to take seriously. We also work to determine the true amount of damages you suffered, including past and future medical expenses and lost wages. Then we fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Many times, we are able to do this by negotiating a settlement that meets your needs. Other times, we achieve by success by fighting for injury victims in court.

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