Texas Fatal Truck Accidents Happen Fast. An Experienced Lawyer Can Help

Truck accidents in Texas kill more than one person every day. In 2011, fatal truck accidents resulted in 443 deaths in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. When such accidents happen, it's critical that family members have an experienced, knowledgeable Texas truck accident lawyer on their side who thoroughly understands the state's complex trucking regulations.

A Galveston truck accident lawyer can help pursue compensation and closure. The Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood has been standing up for the rights of families dealing with fatal truck accidents for more than three decades. Serving people in Galveston, Houston and throughout Texas, Attorney Gene Hagood knows how the state's legal system works and knows what to do to make sure families get the compensation they rightfully deserve.

Trucking companies have a responsibility to employ well-trained drivers who operate well-maintained trucks. When truck drivers make mistakes that cost someone's life, or the truck collides with a car due to poor maintenance, trucking companies have an obligation to compensate families and victims for their losses.

The federal government holds truckers to a higher standard than people who drive passenger vehicles. The rules and regulations for the trucking companies and their drivers are spelled out by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, an arm of the Department of Transportation that regulates the interstate trucking industry.

We are well versed in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations or FMCSR and often cite them while representing clients in truck accident cases.

Recovering financial compensation after a fatal truck accident can be difficult, because there is a lot at stake. But we are determined to get justice for families. Our legal team works hard to build a strong legal case that insurance companies take seriously. And if the insurance company is not willing to negotiate a favorable settlement, we are ready to fight them in court.

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In many serious Houston truck accidents, the negligence is traced back to the trucking company. The company might have pressured the driver to work longer hours, which lead to a fatigued truck driver crash. Or perhaps the truck was overloaded or not loaded correctly. There are so many different causes of truck accidents to consider.

Asking these difficult questions is what the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood does best. We also carefully examine the true cost of such a horrific accident. Often, the long-term financial impact of a fatal truck accident is underestimated.  At the Law Offices of Gene S. Hagood, we strive to make sure someone else's mistake doesn't cost your family decades of hardship after the accident.

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